All you need to know about Korean Beauty.

Korean beauty products are ones that originate and are made in Korea. The products are typically created with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind. Here's what that entails.


Korean beauty products and regimens are designed to work long-term.

Sure, there are products that might claim peel your skin overnight or quickly neutralize redness. However, when skin care is approached with overnight results in mind, there’s an understanding that at best, results may not last, and at worst, the products can damage the skin.

Instead, there’s an emphasis on gently nurturing the skin toward your desired results, whatever they may be, with consistency and a highly personalized skin care routine.

What’s also interesting is that this long-term, gentle approach is what really helps skin get that lit-from-within glow that truly beams with the signature K-beauty healthy, hydrated, bouncy look. What does this mean as far as products go? There are products like essences, serums, ampoules, and all kinds of masks to choose from so that hydration and nourishment can be absorbed one gentle, thin layer at a time.

Korean beauty is all about customization.

Everyone’s skin is unique, and truly understanding your own skin is a big focus of the Korean beauty philosophy. It doesn't have to be complicated! Take stock of what you’re using, and if you ever have an allergic or negative reaction to a product, see what ingredients were in the products. Then take a product that works well for you and see what ingredients are in that product. Over time, paying attention to ingredients helps you identify patterns—ingredients your skin dislikes and those it loves.

The Most coveted 10 Steps Korean Skin Care Routine

This multilayered approach to skin care has been popular in Korea since around the 1960s. It’s actually changing a bit now as beauty brands are another leap forward with multitasking products that are just as effective as two separate steps, like combining a serum and moisturizer in one.


What are some common K-beauty misconceptions?

  • You need to do all 10 steps to achieve radiant, glowing skin.

You really don’t need to do all 10 steps. You can do five, or you can do more. It’s all about what your skin needs and what’s right for you. The most important thing in K-beauty is consistency.

  • Korean beauty products are only for Asian skin.

This is totally false! Skin is skin. Like any other skin care product, look for products for your skin type (dry, sensitive, acne-prone, oily, etc.), and you’ll be all set when it comes to Korean skin care products.

  • Men and women have to use different Korean skin care products.

Good news—Korean skin care products are for everybody, no matter your gender! Skin type is more of a factor than anything.

  • SPF is needed only on sunny days.

SPF is healthy for your skin everyday! I often hear people say that it’s cloudy out or they’ll be at work all day, so they’ll skip their SPF. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays penetrate through clouds, and if you’re sitting by a window, you’re getting sun exposure. Sun damage is a real thing, and not protecting ourselves from the sun can be potentially the single most destructive thing we can do to our skin. So rain or shine, a habit of applying daily SPF before heading out the door will make a world of difference come five, 10, 20 years later.

My Favorite Skin Care Step and Product.

K-beauty sheet masks and rubber masks.

This unique step is sheet masks and rubber masks! After cleansing and toning, apply a sheet mask, then pat in remaining essence and seal it all in with a moisturizer. This is like an easy mini-facial at home and can really help create that dewy, glowy skin relatively quickly. It’s also an easy way to see if you like new ingredients, as sheet masks are usually affordable and give you a way to sample different formulas/ingredients. Sheet mask in the mornings, on flights, in cars, when jet-lagged: I find sheet masks to be like multivitamin-boosters that give your skin this extra "oomph" whenever you need it. It works every time, it’s easy, and it’s soothing. A fun tip? If you want a glow fast, try sheet masking daily for just five days straight. You might be surprised what just five days of intense hydration can do for your skin! And now sheet masks come in all kinds of natural and organic varieties.