How can I return the Item?

OBoutique we believe in easy exchange policy within the GCC. If the customer is not 100% satisfied with his purchase from us he can return the product within 14 days from the date of delivery. (Conditions applied)

Please contact us on +(965)99000227 or email us at hello@oboutique.net.


Can we return accessories?

Not all accessories are returnable, please read the descriptions before purchasing


    Can Beauty products be returned or exchanged?

    No, the beauty products are not eligible for return or exchange.


      If I’m not happy with my order, do I get a refund and get my money back?

      For all orders, we do offer a refund on their Banking Account with 2 weeks of refund request.


      How long does the return or the refund take?

      Local and International would be 2 weeks, Provided the customer has given us all required details.


      What if I received a damaged item or it was damaged in transit?

      We will replace the item with a new one and for further assistance contact hello@oboutique.net or (965) 99000227




      Do I need to register to shop?

      Its optional. You can access and easily shop without registering


      Why is it mandatory to provide the telephone number?

      It is mandatory for order confirmation, Fast Order Management and timely deliveries


      How long does the Order take to be delivered?

      Local Same Day and GCC 3 days, kindly refer to the item description carefully as it would differ for few items.




      Are all products authenticity guaranteed and verified by OBoutique?

      All Products bought at OBoutique are verified and have gone through various quality checks. All the vendors are authorized and all products are of premium quality. Incase you are still not satisfied with any item quality it can always be exchanged or returned.


      How can I find a specific Brand or product on the OBoutique  ?

      We have easy search option where the item can be searched by name, Product ID, description and Brand.


      What if some items or a product is missing from my Order at the time of Delivery?

      If the item is s missing then please give us a contact immediately so we can investigate. You can either contact us on +(965)99000227 or email us at hello@oboutique.net.


      What if the item I received is different or looks different than the product on the Website.

      Most of the Product photo-shoot is done in-house to make sure that the authenticity of the product even visually is very high and accurate. If the product received is not the right fit or not as expected. Please contact hello@oboutique.net for returns and Exchange.


      What if the item I want is out of stock?

      Although we always try to have a stock level that will keep up with expected demand, certain items that are highly popular can sometimes run out of stock. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide timelines for when a specific item will be available again. As stocks continuously change and new products are always being added, please continue to check in to see if we have restocked your desired item or another style like it.

      Also, you can send a request at hello@oboutique.net to request the product and if it has been restocked we can help make an order for the same.




      How can I track my order?

      For Kuwait deliveries you will be directed to Map and Track your order and GCC you will be notified with a Tracking ID


      How long does the delivery take?

      Local second Day and GCC 3 days, Kindly refer to the item description carefully as it would differ for few items .


      Do you deliver internationally?

      YES, Kindly contact the following for further Information You can either contact us on +(965)99000227 or email us at hello@oboutique.net.


      Who is the forwarder for OBoutique?

      DHL for Worldwide


      How can I change the delivery address after placing the order?

      Please contact us on +(965)99000227 or email us at hello@oboutique.net.


      What if the item I received is damaged on delivery?

      we always take extra care in packaging your items. However, in case the item you received was damaged, please inform us immediately via email at hello@oboutique.net. or contact us on +(965)99000227


      What are the Shipping charges?

      Depending on the country. However, refer below for more clarification


      What if I want to cancel my order?

      Please contact us on +(965)99000227 or email us at hello@oboutique.net.



      How do I change the currency?

      You can change your currency by changing your country.


      How secure is it to shop from OBoutique Website?

      The Website is 100% Secure. All the customer data and Information goes through high protocols and stored securely in our system.

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